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Toroidal Transformers

Optimum physical design combined with high-quality core material and expert manufacture give GETRA toroidal transformers special advantages.

The toroidal core, wound from core-oriented material in the preferred direction, has an almost ideal magnetic field.

Core losses are extremely low (only 1.0 W / kg at 1.5 T). The low magnetizing current and efficient heat dissipation due to even distribution of the winding result in particularly good temperature characteristics.

Leakage fields are very small in comparison with conventional transformers because of the optimum winding construction. This can result in a reduction in size and weight of up to 50%.

GETRA toroidal transformers are therefore suitable for use wherever it is important to minimize leakage fields and where light weight and small volume are significant factors.

If it is not possible to keep the inrush current low through design of the layout because several characteristics are required simultaneously we suggest the use of inrush current damping modules (catalogue page L01).

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