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Three-Phase Transformers

These transformers are constructed to VDE0570/IEC 61558 and satisfy the conditions for normal use without special requirements.

The power values listed refer to the version with separate windings and in the case of the type series with air duct to the specified operating position.

If transformers are installed in the housing specified in the data sheets the insulation class changes from ta = 40°C/B to ta = 25°C/B or the power which can be drawn must be reduced accordingly.

Terminal blocks which are safe from finger-touch are provided for connection.

Other versions are naturally available on request, e. g. auto-transformers, transformers with different frequencies, with 2-cell winding, with high-current windings or with lower losses or voltage drops, higher insulation classes, etc.

The 3 coils can be assigned to different vector groups depending on the required characteristics. The following table contains a selection of these vector groups with the preferred groups highlighted.

Our three-phase transformers are constructed in accordance with vector group Yy0 unless otherwise requested.

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