Inrush Current Damping Modules

Inductors (e.g. transformers) exhibit an extremely high initial surge current (up to 100 x rated current) at switch-on depending on phase angle and magnetic forming. This causes problems with the protection of such circuits since normal fuses are triggered by these high values. A low-cost solution to this problem is provided by our series MCD damping modules. These limit the inrush current surge to a value at which selective protection is possible. For the duration of the high inrush current an ohmic resistor attenuates the current surge and is subsequently by-passed by a relay contact.

Operating voltage: 230 - 400 V, 50 Hz
Other operating voltages on request
Continuous load current: max. 16A
Weight: MCD1 130 g, MCD2 230g, MCD3 270g

  • Convenient installation through snap-on fixings
  • Shockproof to VBG4
  • Function indicator
  • Low-cost

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